Saalasti Crush - effective crushing for any wood based biomass

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Saalasti takes part in Great Place To Work® program

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Our goal is to be the best work place in the Finnish manufacturing industry

The continous bioenergy production with the aid of Saalasti technologies equals to 18 medium size (500 MW) coal power plants...

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…or 10 medium size (900 MW) nuclear reactors.

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Saalasti Press - the best bark press on the market

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Our customer service ensures safety, availability and performance of our machines

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Our factory and office are located in Espoo, Finland

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A Pioneer in Bioenergy products


Long Traditions – Superior know-how

Saalasti is a recognized expert in the manufacture of innovative heavy-duty bioenergy machinery. Our machines are used all over the world, mostly in big power plants and wood rooms. Our main products are different types of stationary forest-based biomass chippers, crushers, cutters and bark dewatering  presses. In addition we deliver entire biomass processing stations.   Saalasti has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing heavy machinery dating back to 1945. Our experience, expertise and commitment to service ensure easy, quick and trouble free deliveries.

image003 Saalasti Group has acquired Cross Wrap to join Saalasti and Steelweel in their mission of creating a sustainable future. Just click here to find out more.

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Bioenergy products

Saalasti's products are used for processing forest-based biomass like stumps, logging residue and bark into better boiler fuel. We manufacture chippers, crushers, dewatering presses, biomass grinders, screening equipment and necessary auxiliary equipment like infeed or outfeed conveyors.

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Work with Saalasti?

Whether you are applying for a specific job or want to send us your resume, it is easy and simple to apply for jobs online.

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Saalasti Bioenergy Articles

Saalasti publishes articles and researches about the use of wood based biomasses. The articles cover for example cost savings induced by the latest technical solutions. The articles are in English.

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An International Expert


Green Values


Our locations

Saalasti's machines are located all over the world. We deliver machines to five continents, and our local agents are helping us on the distant markets. Our agents will serve you with local language and expertise.

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All the electric and thermal power produced with Saalasti's products is made from renewable energy sources. The environment and sustainable development are very important for us. We are doing our part to make the Earth a better place.


Saalasti's HQ and production facilities are located in Espoo, Finland, next to the Helsinki International airport.

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